Wine Stains on Clothing

To remove alcoholic drinks or wine, first read and follow the care instructions and any warnings on the garment label.

  • Launder with detergent in hottest water safe for the fabric. Do not use soap (bar, flake, or detergents containing natural soap), since soap could make the stain permanent or at least more difficult to remove.
  • Soak tough stains for 30 minutes in 1 quart of warm water and 1 teaspoon of enzyme presoak product.
  • To remove old or set stains may require washing with bleach that is safe for the fabric.  Always check for colorfastness first.
  • If all the sugars are not removed from the fabric a brown stain will appear when the fabric is heated in the dryer or is ironed, as the sugar is carmelized.

For tough Red Wine stains refer to “dye stains” for further help.

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