How to Properly Clean your Motorcycle

If you want motorcycle cleaning tips that will help you clean your motorcycle faster, easier, and without damaging it, here are some tips to help you…

Motorcycle Cleaning Products You Will Need

  • Some soft, clean cloths. You’ll need some for washing and some that you keep dry for drying and polishing. A dirty rag can scratch the bike. There are “wash mits” you can purchase and use, but only if they are kept clean.
  • Wheel cleaner made specifically for wheels
  • Leather conditioner for saddle and any accessories
  • Clean sponges – a dirty sponge can contain dirt which can scratch paint and chrome.
  • Cleaning solution made specifically for motorcycles. Because the cleaners will get on the paint, saddle and chrome, use products that are not going to cause problems with discoloring the finish or “blue” the chrome. When it comes to motorcycle cleaning, many bikers make a mistake of using the wrong motorcycle cleaning products, which can damage your motorcycle.
  • You may want a bucket for mixing solutions. Follow the mixing directions on any supplies. Be sure each product is used properly.
  • Of course, you need a water hose as well.

If you’ve just come in from a cruise, you must let the engine cool down before washing the bike. You can cause spotting, streaking, chrome damage and actually crack your engine! So give the engine and pipes time to cool down

Now that the bike has cooled to the touch, you can begin the wash. Using the motorcycle cleaning product recommended by our motorcycle manufacturer, mixed properly following label instruction, prepare your cleaning solution.

If you have heavy dirt or have bugs on the fenders, hose down those areas gently from top to bottom first. This will allow them a kind of “pre-soak” to loosen them. Then hose once again to rinse off any debris that has loosened.

Beginning from the top to the bottom, wash gently, using a clean soft cloth or a wash mitt. If your cleaning cloth becomes soiled, do not take the chance of scratching the paint or chrome; change to a clean cloth. If you use a sponge, be absolutely certain no debris gathers in the sponge pores and causes scratches.

  1. Rinse the bike from top to bottom, paying special attention to any areas of extra heavy soil
  2. Check every little place that dirt can hide to be certain you have the motorcycle completely clean
  3. Use a wheel cleaner and soft rag to completely and thoroughly clean each wheel.
  4. Dry your motorcycle off with clean soft rags
  5. When drying, look for spots that water tends to pool and take an extra bit of care to be sure those areas dry thoroughly.
  6. Maintain your leather with the products your motorcycle maker recommends. Treat the saddle, and any leather accessories.

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