Feather Pillows

This question was submitted from Julie.

“I have a feather pillow that really needs to be cleaned. How do I go about doing that? I’d love to just get a new pillow but I can’t seem to sleep on anything but this one. Help please!”

For most of these types of pillows we would recommend dry-cleaning. However, I have washed feather pillows before.

Try these techniques :

It is best if you do the job at a Laundromat in one of their double size washers.

Wash on normal or delicate – be sure to use a laundry booster for some extra stain removal power.

When drying be sure to use a few new tennis balls in the dryer to keep the feathers all fluffed up.

The pillow will dry more evenly and will not stick to the outside of the drum and get scorched. You should monitor it closely.

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