Plastic Wrap Stuck on Fibreglass Bathtub

This question was submitted from Cassidy.

“I have a fiberglass bath tub that has been in the original heavy plastic wrap for a couple of years. I finally removed the wrap and some of it will not come off. I’ve tried “Goof Off”, and a variety of other products but nothing works. The area that the wrap is stuck to is about 1 foot square.”

Try these techniques:

  • Your best bet would be to heat up the plastic. You will have to be careful of not damaging the tub so I would try using a hairdryer.
  • Use a plastic scraper so you don’t damage the fiberglass. You should be able to get a plastic scraper at any hardware store.
  • You are on the right track with Goof Off, which is a strong solvent. However, since that did not work, you may want to try a dlimonene-based solvent/adhesive remover. These are available at professional janitorial supply stores.

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