White Spots on My Dark Laundry

Here is a question from Shannon:

“When I wash a load of dark clothes, all the darker clothes end up with white marks on them. If I rub the clothing with a wet washcloth the marks go away almost completely, but this is not a good solution. What’s causing these white marks and what can I do about them?”

Thanks for your question, I believe what is happening is the laundry detergent you are using is not dissolving completely.

This can happen when you are using cool water which is usually the case when we are washing dark clothes. The trick is to start the washer put in the detergent and let the water fill up and then put in the clothes. This way the detergent has a better chance at dissolving.

Also most detergents are best used in warm water since most powders dissolve better in warm water. You could also try a liquid detergent in which case the technique I described above is still recommended.

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