How To Clean Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Dogs are not known for their hygiene, but without a doubt their health can be affected if we do not clean stainless steel dog bowls or toys regularly. In stainless steel dog bowls, the mixture of food and dog saliva can cause a gross film to stick to the bowls surfaces. Yuck. This leftover gunk can become rotten and rancid, and taint new food you put in the bowl.

Stainless steel bowls make the best dog dishes. They can easily be thrown in the dishwasher to properly clean and sanitize them. If you don’t have or want to use a dishwasher, you can soak the stainless steel dog bowls in warm water and dish soap.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Dog Dishes
How to Clean Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Use a scrub brush or scrubbing sponge. Avoid using a harsh scrubber like an SOS pad because it will scratch the stainless steel. Doggo spit and food will stick even harder to a scratched up surface.

If you feed your dogs wet food, you may find soaking the stainless steel bowls is helpful. Soaking in warm water and dishsoap or a little vinegar can loosen the build-up in the bowls before scrubbing.

Always rinse bowls well with water after cleaning.

A good rule of thumb is to clean stainless steel dog bowls minimum once a week. Depending on the type of food you give your dog and how slobbery your dog is, you might have to clean stainless steel dog bowls every day or every other day.

5 quick tips for bad dog breath

P1000649They start out all cute and cuddly then as time goes on that cute little puppy starts to develop breath that could quite possibly be the worst thing you have ever smelled. Here are a few quick tips to help that nasty issue and allow you to remember the cute dog you used to have.

  1. Start brushing when your dog is a puppy some pet toothpaste comes in dog friendly flavors. It is not really much of a surprise that dogs breath smell, imagine not brushing your own teeth for several years
  2. If brushing is not an option, then buy a hard rubber toy with grooves. These chew toys are designed to help improve dental hygiene. Smear some yummy dog flavor toothpaste on the chew toy and you may even train your dog to brush his or her own teeth.
  3. Carrots make a great snack for dogs and they have a mild scrubbing affect on the teeth.
  4. Feed your dog good dry dog food which has more of an affect of scraping the teeth then wet or canned foods.
  5. A good rawhide chew also helps reduce the plaque build up.

De-Skunk Solution For Your Dog

I got this recipe from a vet to get rid of skunk odor on our dog. It has worked well after he has rolled on dead fish and other unknown things. Mix 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 teaspoon liquid soap (any mild dish detergent). I use a rag and wipe it on. I don’t rinse it.

Dog’s Eyes

General Information:
Dog owners are very good at noticing signs of sickness since you spend so much time with your pets. You should look for inflamation, redness, discharge or scabs. Looking for the signs and catching an infection early is important.

Unless there is an problem, you should not need to clean your dog’s eyes regularly. When you give your dog its regular cleaning, you can put mineral oil in its eyes. This will protect the eyes from the debris or shampoo that might get into them. While it is not a cure for dry eye, it does lubricate the eye.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is simply what it sounds. It is when your eyes become dry. While that may not sound like much, it can be incredibly painful. The medical term for it is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) and is caused by things like infection, tumors, immune reactions, trauma, or nerve degeneration. It can also be cause by chemicals that fall in the eye. This is why it is a good idea to put mineral oil in your dog’s eyes when you are bathing it.

How do you clean your dog’s eyes?

Before you do anything, you need to see your vet for medication. Usually dogs are given Optimmune and some type of antibiotic ointment. The first dosage will likely be given at the vet and will give you a lesson on how to do the same procedure at home.

The most common way to administer any ointment is to hug your dog under its chin. This should put you in a spot to be looking into its eyes. You might need to administer them on the side of the eye, so it will seep inward, in case your dog blinks.

With luck, the medication will kill the infection, and your dog will be back to normal. Sometimes, however, dry eye is chronic. While it might not be convenient, it is not fatal. Your vet will give you something to administer daily.
If you notice any signs of infection later, you will want to take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

Dog Grooming

General Info:

Knowledge of basic grooming is a must for the dog owner. While many breeds can get by with regular nail trims, brushing, and bathing, some breeds need special coat care such as stripping or clipping of a to look their best. Here are some basic grooming hints and techniques that will help you keep your dog clean and beautiful.

    • We recommend that you brush your dog’s coat daily, whether she has a long or short coat. This will remove dead hairs and flaky skin, and it will distribute natural oils throughout her coat. It will also give you quality time with your pooch. Dogs usually enjoy being brushed, because it feels like vigorous petting. Rub your moistened hands through your pet’s coat to lift dead hairs to the surface where your brush can reach them. This is also a great time to check your pet for hair mats, burrs (especially between the toes), sores, or lumps under her skin.
    • Shedding: All dogs shed to some extent. Some breeds, like the Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, and Basenji, are light shedders. Others, like the Golden Retriever, Samoyed, Collie, and German Shepherd, are heavy shedders. Bichons, Cockers, and many terriers require clipping or stripping (a process that removes dead hair from the coat) to look their best.
    • Inform Yourself: Check with breeders and groomers and read books specific to your dog’s breed to understand the best way to maintain his coat. You can learn to clip or shave your dog yourself, or you can pay to have it done professionally. If your pet sheds excessively, brush him daily and try switching to a high-quality diet. (Remember to switch to new food gradually.) A vitamin supplement that contains essential fatty acids might decrease some of the shedding and will add luster to his coat.

By Dr. Kim Robertson

Dog Shower

I installed a hand-held shower head because washing my white terriers in the tub can be back-breaking work. They don’t seem to mind the water as much and you can really rinse their legs and bellies well.

(This was submitted by Ely from Minnesota)

Reddish tear stains on fur

Check the food you are feeding you pet.  Beet products will cause red in tears that stain white fur.  In cats, excessive discharge from an infected eye can actually stain light colored fur reddish brown!  There are mutliple causes of eye infections in cats, many can be treated, however some are also indications of very serious health concerns and CAN be fatal. The best course of action is to visit your vet as quickly as possible.


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