Baby nappies/diapers

This question was submitted from Sam.

“I would like to know if there is a cheaper way of getting babies nappies clean, other than Napisan – something that is kinder to the nappies and baby?”

A strong product like Napisan is not necessary in all cases if the nappies are not allowed to dry.

Try these techniques :

Try a bucket with a laundry booster (one with enzymes) mixed with water. Pour this rather disgusting mix directly into the wash and launder with regular detergent or the booster.

I did it this way for our first child. The enzyme breaks down the organic wastes and it cleans up nicely when laundering. The booster I used was Borax but there are many kinds.

Experts normally recommend using a bleach to disinfect which is a good idea – pouring a cup into the wash is fine. If you are concerned about residual effects of soap and or bleach, rinse the wash once after washing.

All this is dependant on the time you have. We started with all the good intentions in the world but by the time our second child arrived we reverted to the earth destroying disposable nappies.

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