Ants From the Dishwasher

How do I get rid of Carpenter Ants in the dishwasher?

Turn the dishwasher on. The sani heating elements will cook them.

They are likely not only inside, but coming from the floor, crawl space, basement, or foundation. Check outside your house. Don’t pile wood or debris around the foundation, as this will encourage them.

Get this under control quickly, as if the infestation spreads throughout your house, it can become a serious and expensive problem. Pull out the dishwasher, and find the source. Use traps, spray, or liquid drops. Most poisons are made to be carried back to the colony, where it will kill all the ants.

If you can’t bring this under control, contact a pest control company. It is not expensive, and they have the knowledge and the chemicals to eliminate the problem quickly.

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