Dusty garage? or drywall dust in your home….

If you have a super dusty or dirty garage floor or you have done some drywall repairs in your house the drywall dust can get everywhere.  The one product you need to help knock down the dust is sweeping compound. You spread on the floor and then sweep the sweeping compound attracts the fine dust or drywall powder and prevents it from going airborne.  The truth is unless you have a high filtration vacuum it is likely better to use sweeping compound.  Sweeping compound can be purchased at hardware stores or any janitorial supply store.  The more common type is oil based sweeping compound but you can also buy wax based sweeping compound, its the perfect solution for super dusty floors.

2 Replies to “Dusty garage? or drywall dust in your home….”

  1. We had a dust problem We had an outdoor carpet laid It has been down 6 Years and showing no signs of wearing.. Easy to hoover

  2. Can you please help me clean my formica countertop.
    It is rough and groovy. Dirt has accumulated in grooves.
    I have tried bothroom cleaners, comet, soap and water, brush
    scrubbing and others. Still does not look clean.

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