General Information :
After a flood occurs, quick action can avert a lot of damage. If possible, shut off the source of water. Next, raise any furniture out of the affected area. If the flooding has stopped, use a wet vacuum to remove as much water as possible. At this point, using fans and/or dehumidifiers will hasten the drying process.

Tools & Technique :
Often carpets and drywall will need to be replaced completely, especially if the water is the result of a sewer back up. Contaminents and bacteria in sewer water can pose a serious health risk. If in doubt, dispose of the carpet and cut the dry wall above the waterline. For concrete and other hard surfaces, clean and disinfect completely. We suggest you use a true professional grade disinfectant cleaner available at janitorial supply houses.

Notes of Caution:
Always wear rubber boots and gloves. Also be very cautious when dealing with electric devices. Unplug using a wood pole.

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