Grease Stains off Wood Deck

This question was submitted from Richard G.

” How do I remove grease stains caused by a barbecue from a wooden deck?”

If the wood has been treated (stain or paint) you will have a bit of a chance. Unsealed wood will simply absorb the grease and it will discolor permanently.

Try these techniques :

Wood is very porous. Stains and paints, however, will partially seal these pours and form a bit of a barrier.

If this is the case you will need to remove or clean the stained surface, and refinish the wood.

You can remove the finish mechanically (sander, scraper) or chemically. Most home centers carry excellent wood cleaning products.

After you remove the stain (or as much of it as possible) be sure to reapply new paint or stain for continued protection from the elements (and BBQ grease!)

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