Household Cleaning Checklist

I am looking for a cleaning list that my I can use for my cleaning girl to use. She always forgets to clean things. I would like a list that has a check off, so when it is completed she can check it off, or I can check off what I want cleaned. I need it for every room in the house.
Patti S.
Here is what we came up with:

O Empty trash and recycling, remove compost material
O Wash and dry dishes or fill dishwasher (Start only with full load)
O Wipe down interior of microwave
O Wipe table (chair or highchair if there are children), countertops,
backsplash, and stove top with dish cloth and warm soapy water.
Dry with a clean dry dish towel.
O Clean coffeemaker thoroughly after each use and clean the sink.
O Use steel wool on stainless steel sink, nylon pads on ceramic or acrylic sinks.
O Sweep or vacuum floor and damp mop any spills

O Wipe fixtures, and polish chrome
O Straighten towels, check Toilet Paper, Kleenex
O Buff mirror with one squirt of window cleaner and a dry cotton cleaning rag
O Vacuum or sweep

Throughout the Home
O Replace clothing, toys, books, games, and other items where they belong
O Straighten living spaces and bedrooms
O Make beds
O Sweep or vacuum entrance mats
O Clean ashes from fireplace into compost


O Thoroughly clean stove top and front, drip pans, knobs and back splash
O Organize fridge, wipe spills. Throw out old foods.
O Wipe refrigerator sides and top, make fresh ice
O Clean items on counter. Clean under and behind them
O Wipe cabinet doors and sides, woodwork, doors and smudges off walls
O Remove platter from microwave and wash, scrub interior walls thoroughly
O Sweep and damp mop entire floor
O Treat wooden butcher blocks, and butcher block counters with mineral oil

O Scrub bathtubs and sinks
O Wash mirror like normal, then buff with one squirt of windex and a dry cloth
O Clean and disinfect toilets and shower stalls
O Put tooth brushes, holder, soap holder, cups, etc through
dishwasher to sanitize (use no soap, and choose sani or high temp dry)
O Wipe tile with soap scum cleaner, polish tiles with a clean cotton rag.
O Wipe down walls, shower doors and woodwork.
O Mop or wash floor with disinfectant detergent

Throughout the Home
O Vacuum and/or mop all floors
O Dust, including books, pictures, lamp bases, fans, and shades
O Wipe smudges off walls and doors.
O Wipe woodwork, polish door handles and other hardware
O Empty wastepaper baskets, recycling bins
O Change bed linens
O Clean telephones, computer and T.V. screens, video game controllers


O Wash inside of refrigerator and freezer
O Thouroughly clean cabinet and drawer fronts
O Defrost freezer (if not an automatic defrost) when the frost is ¼ inch thick
O Wash overhead hood filters
O Clean oven or run self clean cycle. Remove racks during self clean cycle.
O Dust high walls, ceiling, blinds, and shades
O Wash curtains, windows, and screens
O Clean light fixtures (wash in soapy water, rinse well)

O Wash rugs, toilet seat covers, and shower curtains
O Wash windows, blinds, shades or curtains
O Replace toilet cleaning pucks, if used
O Wash ceilings, especially above shower
O De-scale toilets using acid to remove hard water marks
O Clean medicine cabinet and organize linen closets

Throughout the Home
O Dust ceiling onto the floor before vacuuming
O Vacuum curtains, draperies, and radiators
O Wash windows, walls, and woodwork
O Clean light fixtures (wash in soapy water, rinse well)
O Move and vacuum and/or mop beneath furniture
O Polish decorative woodwork
O Wax or polish furniture
O Extract (steam clean) rugs, carpets, and upholstery
O Wax floors and refinish hardwood
O Turn over mattresses, and then end for end. Vacuum mattresses and
box springs; launder mattress pads
O Straighten closets and sort clothing into seasonal wardrobes
O Clean garage, basement and attic

5 Replies to “Household Cleaning Checklist”

  1. I’m guessing for this type of cleaning list, you aren’t hiring a maid from a cleaning service?? The reason I’m saying this is because you have a lot of non-typical cleaning requests such as steam cleaning rugs, washing the shades, laundry, cleaning the attic, etc. I would be curious as to how big your house is, how many times he/she cleans for you, and how many hours? This is an intensive cleaning list (a good one for personal use) byt really not a typical one for a cleaning service. In my honest opinion, a lot of what you have listed should be done by the house/home owner and NOT a hired cleaning person. I clean houses for a living and would NOT turn over your mattress for you (bed bugs!) and certainly wouldn’t straighten up your clothes closet for you either (that’s just too much to ask from your cleaning lady)… There’s just some things you should do yourself :-). Some people are wayyyyy too demanding from their cleaning person. A person can seriously injure themselves by simply turning your mattress and if you didn’t hire from a MAID SERVICE, and hired an independent cleaning lady with NO proof of insurance, etc…. YOU are responsible for her medical bill! Just a little something to think about….. just remember, the more intensive your cleaning list is, the more she’s apt to forget stuff, get burned out, get hurt, or just plain out quit on you!

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