Dye Out of Paper Bills (Money)

This question was submitted from Mr. B.

“Do you know how to clean dyed money ?”

Hmmmm, laundering money? If our tip works do we get a cut? If the dye is from a marker, or pen we would suggest acetone.

If it is from, say, a loaded bundle of twenties, lifted from your local financial institution, I have been told that this dye is very, very permanent. In fact a show I watched said it was made from a similar dye used to print money, which if true, would mean if you CAN find a way to successfully remove the dye, you would also rub out George Washington.

Try these techniques :

My first shot would be the acetone, and failing that there are some very powerful solvents such as GOOF OFF, which are available at your local home center, which are used for graffiti removal that might work.

If all else fails, you can wait for the heat to die down, move upstate, and hope the story about dropping a tin of paint into your wallet holds up. Even so I wouldn’t worry too much, I think most lawyers will take dirty money!

Good luck staying on the outside.

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