Household Cleaning Checklist

I am looking for a cleaning list that my I can use for my cleaning girl to use. She always forgets to clean things. I would like a list that has a check off, so when it is completed she can check it off, or I can check off what I want cleaned. I need it for every room in the house.
Patti S.
Here is what we came up with:

O Empty trash and recycling, remove compost material
O Wash and dry dishes or fill dishwasher (Start only with full load)
O Wipe down interior of microwave
O Wipe table (chair or highchair if there are children), countertops,
backsplash, and stove top with dish cloth and warm soapy water.
Dry with a clean dry dish towel.
O Clean coffeemaker thoroughly after each use and clean the sink.
O Use steel wool on stainless steel sink, nylon pads on ceramic or acrylic sinks.
O Sweep or vacuum floor and damp mop any spills

O Wipe fixtures, and polish chrome
O Straighten towels, check Toilet Paper, Kleenex
O Buff mirror with one squirt of window cleaner and a dry cotton cleaning rag
O Vacuum or sweep

Throughout the Home
O Replace clothing, toys, books, games, and other items where they belong
O Straighten living spaces and bedrooms
O Make beds
O Sweep or vacuum entrance mats
O Clean ashes from fireplace into compost


O Thoroughly clean stove top and front, drip pans, knobs and back splash
O Organize fridge, wipe spills. Throw out old foods.
O Wipe refrigerator sides and top, make fresh ice
O Clean items on counter. Clean under and behind them
O Wipe cabinet doors and sides, woodwork, doors and smudges off walls
O Remove platter from microwave and wash, scrub interior walls thoroughly
O Sweep and damp mop entire floor
O Treat wooden butcher blocks, and butcher block counters with mineral oil

O Scrub bathtubs and sinks
O Wash mirror like normal, then buff with one squirt of windex and a dry cloth
O Clean and disinfect toilets and shower stalls
O Put tooth brushes, holder, soap holder, cups, etc through
dishwasher to sanitize (use no soap, and choose sani or high temp dry)
O Wipe tile with soap scum cleaner, polish tiles with a clean cotton rag.
O Wipe down walls, shower doors and woodwork.
O Mop or wash floor with disinfectant detergent

Throughout the Home
O Vacuum and/or mop all floors
O Dust, including books, pictures, lamp bases, fans, and shades
O Wipe smudges off walls and doors.
O Wipe woodwork, polish door handles and other hardware
O Empty wastepaper baskets, recycling bins
O Change bed linens
O Clean telephones, computer and T.V. screens, video game controllers


O Wash inside of refrigerator and freezer
O Thouroughly clean cabinet and drawer fronts
O Defrost freezer (if not an automatic defrost) when the frost is ¼ inch thick
O Wash overhead hood filters
O Clean oven or run self clean cycle. Remove racks during self clean cycle.
O Dust high walls, ceiling, blinds, and shades
O Wash curtains, windows, and screens
O Clean light fixtures (wash in soapy water, rinse well)

O Wash rugs, toilet seat covers, and shower curtains
O Wash windows, blinds, shades or curtains
O Replace toilet cleaning pucks, if used
O Wash ceilings, especially above shower
O De-scale toilets using acid to remove hard water marks
O Clean medicine cabinet and organize linen closets

Throughout the Home
O Dust ceiling onto the floor before vacuuming
O Vacuum curtains, draperies, and radiators
O Wash windows, walls, and woodwork
O Clean light fixtures (wash in soapy water, rinse well)
O Move and vacuum and/or mop beneath furniture
O Polish decorative woodwork
O Wax or polish furniture
O Extract (steam clean) rugs, carpets, and upholstery
O Wax floors and refinish hardwood
O Turn over mattresses, and then end for end. Vacuum mattresses and
box springs; launder mattress pads
O Straighten closets and sort clothing into seasonal wardrobes
O Clean garage, basement and attic


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