What Should I Look For in a Top Commercial Cleaning Company?

Top Commercial Cleaning Companies Save you Money

Are you looking for a top commercial cleaning company? Do you know the most important factors to consider to ensure that your facility or properties taken care of properly?

Selecting a cleaning company may seem like an easy task. However, if you make a poor choice, the results can be the source of great headaches in the future. Conversely, a great commercial cleaning company will keep issues off your plate and help keep your office or building running smoothly.

The value of clean is quite significant. You are trusting the well being of your facility and your business to the supplier you choose.

Initial Screening Questions for Commercial Cleaners

Before you start calling up any cleaning companies, be sure you have determined the cleanliness requirements in your facility and are capable of clearly defining the work to potential cleaning service providers.

There are many questions that you will want to ask when you are looking for a new cleaning company. The most basic questions are?

  • What is the level of expertise and experience of your cleaning company?
  • Can I trust you to ensure the safety and security of my facility or business?
  • What happens in the event of an emergency? Do you have the experience and structure to be part of the solution or will you add to the problem?

These questions address the basic need for a strong and professional organization that you can trust to come in after hours to clean your facility.

While cleaning may not be high-status career choice or regarded as very important, the cleanliness and safety of your building and your business is important. You had better be sure that you have these very basic questions answered before you proceed to the next step.

Digging Deeper – What is the Value of Clean?

When you are cleaning for health in any work environment, the value of clean cannot be understated. Keeping a clean building that helps prevent the chain of infection can help ensure that people are at work and earning, as opposed to home sick.

If you are a business with a retail component , you will want your cleaning service to be professional and experienced, ensuring that proper cleaning and sanitizing is happening every time the crew is cleaning your facility. You should ask:

  • What are your processes for cleaning and sanitizing?
  • What cleaning products do you use for sanitization?

Ensure the Cleaning Company Operates Legally

What are some additional things to look for in a cleaning company that will give you a sense of security about your choice? You want to feel confident that you are entering into a relationship that will make you look good, and be an asset and resource, rather than an annoyance.

In addition to answering the above asked questions, the following points indicate a cleaning company is operating properly from a legal perspective, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the cleaning company is professional:

  • Business licenses The cleaning company should be licensed in the areas that it provides cleaning services.
  • Business number The cleaning company should have a appropriate
    business numbers (for tax and other remittance purposes) in the applicable jurisdictions ie. federal, state, provincial etc.
  • Workers Compensation coverage  The cleaning company must be registered with the appropriate Workers Compensation agencies.
  • Insurance coverage The cleaning company must have appropriate insurance coverage from liability to vehicle coverage.
  • Experience The cleaning company should have a good track record of experience that is similar to your building and needs.
  • Have other clients in your area  This indicates that they potentially can staff your facility.commercial cleaning checklist
  • Equipment  The cleaning company should be properly equipped to achieve the job. All equipment should be in good working condition, and be appropriate to the requirements of the cleaning contract.
  • Properly trained employees Ideally, the cleaning company has a training program that you recognize as professional. For example, they may have a government continuing education certification like Building Service Worker program, or an independent certification by an organization, association or school.
  • Financial resources The cleaning company should have the financial means and resources to keep employees paid, and show a track record of this.
  • Experienced supervision The cleaning company should have appropriate levels of staff supervision. Supervisors should be well trained, and respond to queries or complaints in a timely fashion.

References – Always the Best Indicator

When you are looking for a new cleaning company, perhaps the very best indicator of a reputable, professional business is found in their current customers. Speaking with several references is highly recommended.

These are some basics that you should be looking for in a cleaning company. It starts with really understanding what your needs are and then building a set of requirements that you need to look for in a company.

Understand that often facility and property managers underestimate what the true value of clean can be. Only after looking at the intangibles will you see the value in looking for a company that is professional enough to be an asset and that helps you and your company look good to your clients and employees alike.

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