Corporate Cleaning Solutions for the Lunchroom

cleaning lunchroom

cleaning lunchroom

Consider this: Your homes refrigerator door handle is one of the top 10 dirtiest spots in your house. With that in mind, how clean is the door handle in your company’s lunchroom? How sanitary is the space where you and your employees eat every day?

Lunchrooms are the spot where you store, prepare, and serve your food. You meet up at the water cooler for a chat with a colleague. You drop in between meetings to get a quick snack or drink.

The lunchroom is used by just about everyone in your office and it needs to be clean.

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Carpet Cleaning Pricing & Production Rates

commercial carpet cleaning prices

commercial carpet cleaning prices

Do you think that an accurate carpet cleaning quote is something you can get directly over the phone? Do you think a professional carpet cleaner should be able to provide you a ball-park estimate of carpet cleaning costs based on the square feet you provide? Maybe you’ve had several quotes and feel that commercial carpet cleaning prices are all over the map?

The reality is that the calculation of carpet cleaning costs is not so simple.

There are several variables to consider when calculating carpet cleaning costs. These variables impact the amount of time a job takes and which cleaning processes, chemicals, and equipment the job will require to obtain high-quality results.

Ready to get an inside look into how a professional carpet cleaner prices out a carpet cleaning job?

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Hard Floor Cleaning Costs

hard floor cleaning costs

hard floor cleaning costs

Hard floors require maintenance and in most cases hard floors cost more to clean than carpet so the correct analysis of ongoing floor cleaning costs is important to consider when designing your office space.

Certain types of hard tile floors are low maintenance and do not require extra care besides normal cleaning. However all maintenance in really dependent on the type and volume of traffic in the building.

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How to Ensure Your Commercial Cleaning Budget is Accurate

commercial cleaning budget

commercial cleaning budget

Have you had challenges with getting quality commercial cleaning results? Does it feel like you are dealing with cleaning issues repeatedly? Do you feel like you always have to manage or over manage the contractor or custodial department?

Whether you selected your cleaning vendor or you inherited them, if they are doing a bad job, you will have to deal with the consequences.

  • You may have to field complaints from employees or your bosses about un-emptied garbage cans, un-stocked or filthy washrooms and dirty break rooms.
  • Your company pays the price in the form of extra sick days, and that hits your bottom line in an insidious non-obvious way over the course of time.

So lets look at the big picture and determine the real cost of clean verses the “value of clean”. Here are some strategies you can use to ensure you hire the right janitorial service provider this time.

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The Affect of Workplace Density on Commercial Cleaning Bids

How Workplace density affects your commercial cleaning bid

How Workplace density affects your commercial cleaning bidIn the UK in 2008, the workplace density was 1 employee per 128 square feet. In 2013, it was 110 square feet per employee. So when analyzing a 25,000 square foot office you could have 15% more employees working in the same space.

When looking at time and motion studies, it takes 30 seconds to empty and replace a garbage liner. Just calculating the garbage liners for the increased amount of workers that’s more than 71 man-hours per year just for the garbage cans.

Depending on the rate of pay and corresponding expenses, that’s another $150 per month just to empty garbage cans in an office many would consider a smaller sized office. Since 2008 where the global economy has seen major changes, it seems reasonable that budgets for cleaning have lowered instead of keeping pace with the increased density of workplaces around the world.

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How Time and Motion Studies Help You Calculate Cleaning Costs

time and motion study template in excel

time and motion study template in excel

A significant percentage of the Maintenance, Repairs and Operation budget is spent on janitorial or custodial services.  In fact, the average is 30% of an MRO budget is spent on custodial services which is more than the next five expense items combined.  It is critical to have a good handle on this expense.

Many property managers struggle with the cost of cleaning. It is an obtuse figure that’s hard to figure out.  There are a large amount of variables that go into costing.

  • How much time does it take to clean your property?
  • How much do you need to have cleaned?
  • What are the frequencies of cleaning?
  • What are the types of areas that need cleaning, hard floors verses carpeting etc.?
  • What are the traffic patterns of your facility and how does that effect budgets?

The purchasing process for buying cleaning services is not always simple. Educating yourself on as many methods of costing is important to arm you with the information to ensure you are fully informed when it comes to the largest single expense in the MRO world.

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Taking Control of Your Janitorial Budget

taking control of commercial cleaning costs with a budget

When it comes to your janitorial budget, do you look exclusively at hourly costs? Do you sometimes also factor in supplies?

These are the normal costs that property managers consider when determining their commercial cleaning costs. However, as you dig into the details of your bids, budget, and balance sheets, you might be surprised to learn how many details go into a janitorial budget.

As you start reviewing bids and contractors for hire, you’ll quickly find that there are other important details that must be taken into consideration. Having a solid understanding of the types of costs that impact the price you pay will help you regain control over your budget.

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Cleaning Services RFP Template & Guidelines

cleaning proposal template free with guidelines

cleaning proposal template free with guidelines Perhaps nothing is more sacred to your company than your reputation. One bad review could cost you thousands of dollars, right? Right.

Then, imagine this: You hire a janitorial company to work their magic on your property. You’re in a rush, so you make a hurried decision. Price plays a factor into your choice of service providers because, let’s face it, you don’t have an unlimited budget.

As you begin working with the new company, you realize that the importance of the janitorial proposal you should have requested before work began. The company has not fulfilled their oral promises, your company’s reputation is swirling down the drain, and you are struggling to communicate your dissatisfaction with the team you hired to help.

It’s an all too common problem. If your current janitorial company is letting you down and hurting your business in the process, it’s time to switch.  Continue reading “Cleaning Services RFP Template & Guidelines”

Why You Should Get 3 Bids Before Hiring a Cleaning Contractor

Get 3 commercial cleaning bids

Get 3 commercial cleaning bids

When it comes to hiring a new cleaning contractor, do you feel overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone. Making a decision about whom to hire to clean your property is tough.

Hiring the wrong contractor could put your property’s reputation at risk. It could cost you more money in the long-run from lost tenants and contracts.

As you start the process of hiring a cleaning contractor, you will need to request commercial cleaning bids. These bids expose the average market rate for a property and job such as yours. They also help you determine the contractors experience. Most important, getting multiple bids allows you to create a healthy amount of competition.

While there is no golden rule to the number of bids you need, there are benefits to getting 3 bids before hiring a cleaning contractor.

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