Cleaning Particles From Swimming Pool

Here is a question from Angelina;

I can’t get the little particles out of my pool, they just go through the net.

Pool season is once again upon us, which is great except all the work to get the pool going. What would help you a great deal is a clarifier which helps maintain the sparkle by coagulating small particles into larger masses which will enable your filter or skimmer to remove them. You should add clarifier as part of your start up procedure. You should read the directions of the brand you buy however since there are many chemical makers with different concentrations etc.

Watch the filter pressure and back wash as necessary since the particulates will fill the filter (which is what you want in order to have sparkling water).
A pool supply store is a great resource, they usually test your water for free and they test everything from ph to calcium hardness etc. which is essential if you want your pool components to last. Have Fun!

Canister Vacuums

General Information :
Canister vacuums are less popular than uprights but may be more versatile. Since many units feature a power head they will clean as good if not better than an upright. In addition, different attachments will allow you to clean a variety of surfaces and objects more easily than with an upright.

Look for units with these convenient features: on board tool holders, easy/quick change attachments, easy change paper bags, automatic cord rewind, lighted and adjustable power head, handle for easy transport, long enough hose, main unit tracks well behind user, quiet operation, high filtration which is easily changed or cleaned, power head debris shut off, easy change belts and brushes, wide/low profile power head and right to wall edge cleaning.

For many users weight is a major concern. Choose a model that is light enough to carry the main body with one hand and the attachments with another.

Available Products:
Look for upcoming recommendations and reviews.

Look for upcoming products.

Cleaning Schedule Advantages

General Information :
Try to develop a regular cleaning schedule for your household chores. This will help in several ways:

-You will keep up your cleaning so you won’t be overwhelmed with too many tasks.
-Your house will be a healthier environment.
-You will have extra time available for larger jobs.

-You will not be so worried about a specific problem like dust on your shelves  when you know it will be taken care of at a later specific time.
– Most cleaning is much easier when done regularly, rather than waiting for it to get really dirty.
-Almost all items or surfaces will last longer and look better when lightly cleaned regularly rather than harshly scrubbed infrequently.
-Regular cleaning of many items  carpets, furniture and wood – will delay or eliminate the need for expensive, professional cleaning or restoration.

House Exterior Spring Check List

General Info:
Spring is the time most people tackle cleaning and maintenance chores.

  • Chimneys:
    Clean and inspect flues.
  • Siding & Trim:
    Wash siding, touch up damaged paint, repair loose siding.
  • Eves, Downspouts & Drains:Clean gutters, straighten and repair damaged downspouts and gutters. Flush Downspouts.
  • Roofing:
    Repair damaged shingles and flashing.
  • Windows:
    Clean windows and screens. Inspect for damage and repair.
  • Pests and birds etc:
  • Check vents, chimneys and other cracks and crannies for bird and insect nests.


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