Cleaning Particles From Swimming Pool

Here is a question from Angelina;

I can’t get the little particles out of my pool, they just go through the net.

Pool season is once again upon us, which is great except all the work to get the pool going. What would help you a great deal is a clarifier which helps maintain the sparkle by coagulating small particles into larger masses which will enable your filter or skimmer to remove them. You should add clarifier as part of your start up procedure. You should read the directions of the brand you buy however since there are many chemical makers with different concentrations etc.

Watch the filter pressure and back wash as necessary since the particulates will fill the filter (which is what you want in order to have sparkling water).
A pool supply store is a great resource, they usually test your water for free and they test everything from ph to calcium hardness etc. which is essential if you want your pool components to last. Have Fun!

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