Canister Vacuums

General Information :
Canister vacuums are less popular than uprights but may be more versatile. Since many units feature a power head they will clean as good if not better than an upright. In addition, different attachments will allow you to clean a variety of surfaces and objects more easily than with an upright.

Look for units with these convenient features: on board tool holders, easy/quick change attachments, easy change paper bags, automatic cord rewind, lighted and adjustable power head, handle for easy transport, long enough hose, main unit tracks well behind user, quiet operation, high filtration which is easily changed or cleaned, power head debris shut off, easy change belts and brushes, wide/low profile power head and right to wall edge cleaning.

For many users weight is a major concern. Choose a model that is light enough to carry the main body with one hand and the attachments with another.

Available Products:
Look for upcoming recommendations and reviews.

Look for upcoming products.

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