Waste Paint Hardener

wph-bag This product is amazing! During spring clean-up we all look at those half empty gallons of paint in the basement, storage shed, or garage. Some years we move them around to sweep under them, other years we will shake them to see if they have gone solid yet.

The paint you used in the family room 2 paint jobs ago has little use, but because of the environmental hazards, we don’t send liquid paint to the landfill.

There are a couple of ways to get rid of old paint. You can donate it to charity. At least that is one of the methods found in on-line searches. I suppose charties might use some, but I can also imagine some poor volunteer in the church basement re-arranging half used paint cans each spring.

The other method is incineration. Effectively burning the paint, cans and all, collected during special drives or at certain recycling centers.

The final method is to use the paint on an old piece of drywall or plywood until it is all gone.

Now there is a new, far more effective method for getting rid of old paint. This product called “Waste Paint Hardener” is made by a company called Biowash. They specializes in environmentally friendly paint removal solutions. This is an off shoot of their cutting edge technology.

Add the crystals to your paint, stir for a couple minutes, and in next to no time (20 minutes for our test) the paint is a solid mass. We tested the product in a glass mixing bowl, so we could observe and record the results. After it had hardened, one of the testers turned the bowl completely upside down, and the paint stayed stuck inside in one big hard blob!

This leaves the old paint in a state that is accepted by almost all landfills. Of course you should leave the lid off so your garbage man can see it is hardened, but as far as a quick, economical, and environmentally sound disposal method for paint – this is THE best solution we have ever seen.

This product is also excellent for CLEANING up paint, which is how we stumbled across it. Just sprinkle the crystals onto spilled paint, and in minutes you can just sweep it up and throw it away. It doesn’t get much easier.

The product is currently available at some paint stores, and will be readily found in most large Home Centers by this fall. If your paint store does not carry the product – ask them to stock it – they will thank you!

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