5 quick tips for bad dog breath

P1000649They start out all cute and cuddly then as time goes on that cute little puppy starts to develop breath that could quite possibly be the worst thing you have ever smelled. Here are a few quick tips to help that nasty issue and allow you to remember the cute dog you used to have.

  1. Start brushing when your dog is a puppy some pet toothpaste comes in dog friendly flavors. It is not really much of a surprise that dogs breath smell, imagine not brushing your own teeth for several years
  2. If brushing is not an option, then buy a hard rubber toy with grooves. These chew toys are designed to help improve dental hygiene. Smear some yummy dog flavor toothpaste on the chew toy and you may even train your dog to brush his or her own teeth.
  3. Carrots make a great snack for dogs and they have a mild scrubbing affect on the teeth.
  4. Feed your dog good dry dog food which has more of an affect of scraping the teeth then wet or canned foods.
  5. A good rawhide chew also helps reduce the plaque build up.

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