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Here is a question submitted by Diane:

There is a saying in the cleaning business, “let the chemical do the work for you” You need to use a heavy duty degreaser, if you are cleaning the BBQ on a regular basis then just a spray mixture of 1 ounce of dish soap and water in a spray bottle would be effective.

But if your like me (I have not cleaned mine since I bought it) you will need a commercial grade degreaser which you can get at any major hardware store or janitorial supply store and just spray on let it sit for several minutes agitate a little with a medium brush and hose off. If you can’t hose off just use a bucket and a sponge with clean water.

In some cases I have heard off people using a pressure washer to wash down their BBQ, but the way I see it if you have to use a pressure washer you may as well same yourself to trouble and just buy a new BBQ.

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