How To Clean Dog Collars & Leashes

Someone sent in a question asking how to clean a dog collar.  I used to have to wash my dogs collars leashes more often when my dog was younger (she is 14 years old now and doesn’t run much these days ).  When she was younger we would go for a trail run a couple times a week and she would love getting all muddy.  I used to have a small mesh bag that I would place the leash in the bag and just launder with my regular laundry,  as long as it was a heavy load like towels.  that way the metal part of the leash would rub up against the washer drum. I would just hang the leather dog collars to dry.

It always worked for me, somes my dog would get into some pretyy stinky stuff out on the trails.  You got to love dogs!

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  1. Dog leashes and collars | How To Clean Anything is a good blog post, I was wondering if I could use this blog on my website, I will link it back to your website though.

  2. I have two little white terriers and they wear bridle leather harnesses with brass hardware. Oil and tarnish builds up between the brass and the leather and the dogs get black oil marks on them. I have tried painting the brass with clear nail polish, and washing the leather inside the fold where the brass hits it, and it still happens. Any ideas? I paid a lot for the harnesses so I don’t want to discard them.

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