Mirror Cleaning Tips:round mirror,Large mirror,convex mirror,wall mirror,standing mirror

Mirror Cleaning Tips :I recent question I received was from someone saying their mirrors always seem streaky…

Many ammonia based window cleaners can leave streaks, they can also be caused by using too much cleaning solution.  Also your cleaning cloth cannot be too wet which will leave streaks as well.  Spray a small amount of cleaning solution and clean with a good cotton or microfiber cleaning cloth.

I have a  good home window or mirror cleaning solution is 1 cup of white vinegar per gallon of water along with a small drop of dish soap.  Less expensive  then a store bought cleaning solution, does a great job and is not streaky as long as you follow the above points.  When cleaning vertical surfaces of any kind including windows and mirrors start from the top and work down.  Remove stickers or tape with a straight razor blade.  The razor blade works best for removing paint as well.

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