Comforter’s & Duvet’s

General Information:
To clean comforters without the expense of dry cleaning there are a few key points you should know. Is the comforter or duvet made from synthetic fibre or goose down?

Tools & Technique
Twin comforters and some light queen size comforters can be washed in a regular washing machine, but be sure to use only ½ of the regular amount of detergent.
Treat stains before washing, as described in our quick reference stain guide, as the limited soap will not remove heavy stains.
A film of soap residue may be evident, especially on dark comforters. If this is the case, remove the comforter and put the residue side of the comforter into the washing machine first, then re-wash with NO soap.
For larger comforters, utilize a front load coin washing machine at your local Laundromat.
Drying comforters is very important, especially with down comforters, which take a very long time to dry, and if not fully dried will become moldy inside.

Use half a dozen clean tennis balls in the dryer to keep the comforter fluffy and from wrapping up on itself.

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