Grease From Clothes

This question was submitted from Debbie.

“How do I clean automotive grease from clothing? ”

It is always best to treat any petroleum based stain as quickly as possible. Grease, etc. , attracts dirt and will destroy fabrics if untreated. Try these techniques :
First, when stain is fresh, blot as much excess with paper towels.

Next, we recommend using a spot remover / dry cleaning fluid. Follow the directions and use gloves in a well ventilated area. Place the garment with the stain facing onto a clean, white, absorbent cloth. Then soak another like cloth with the spotting solution and blot the stain from the back. The dissolved grease will transfer to the under cloth.

Rinse the garment with water and repeat only if necessary (dry cleaning fluid can be very hard on many fabrics).

Precautions:Always test on an inconspicuous area before using spotting chemicals.

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