Trouble shooting guide to tough stains on Pots and Pans!

If you have men or teenagers in the house attempting to cook you will have some challenging stains of your Pots and Pans here are some quick hints to address some common troublesome stains.

Aluminum pots

Discoloration – add 2(two tablespoons of cream of tarter or lemon juice per liter (quart) of water) boil for 12 minutes


baked on stains impervious to the dishwasher! – use baking soda and scrub gently.

Iron Pots or pans

Cooked or baked on food – 2 teaspoons of baking soda with a liter of water boil for 5 minutes.

Non-stick pot or pans

Lingering onions or garlic aromas – 2 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice, soak for 15 minutes.  wash with warm soay water and rinse.


Lime scale build up – One to one ratio of water and white vinegar.  Let sand for a few hours and scrub with an abrasive scrubber if possible or just  rinse really well after letting the kettle soak.

Brass pots

A home made tarnish remover is a paste made of flour, salt and white vinegar (or lemon juice), rub gently to remove tarnish.

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