Brown Stains from a White Sink

This question was submitted from Carolyne M.

” My parents have a modern white kitchen sink upon which small brown circular stains have appeared. They have tried various household cleaners (including bleach) but cannot remove the marks. Can you think of anything they could try? My mother thinks they may possibly be rust stains. They cover the whole of the bottom of the sink. ”

If they are rust stains, then you do not want to use bleach which will only further oxidize the stains.

Try these techniques :

First, try a rust remover, which can be purchased at larger dept. or hardware stores. When using a rust remover you should read the warning label – some can be harmful to certain surfaces.

Also, depending on the surface of the sink, you could use superfine steelwool (#0000); NOT an SOS pad or pot scrubber. When scrubbing with stainless steel, always use some kind of liquid water or cleaner to act as a lubricant – this lessens the scratches. Be sure to test a small area before using the stainless steel or rust remover to be sure no damage will occur.

Finally, keep in mind, white sinks stain easily and quickly. So really the best method is prevention and not leaving items in the sink for very long.

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