Grease From Stove Top

I just moved into a friend’s place. How do I clean an oil slick built up on the stovetop that is about half an inch think and caked on? I tried detergent but the oil is too gummy.

Ewwwww….Remove as much of the built up oil using a stiff spatula, a plastic pancake flipper, or an old racked up credit card. Don’t use anything that will scratch the finish on the stove, assuming if you could see it) that it is otherwise in good condition.

You will need a heavy duty degreaser. Oven cleaner is the right direction, but it may be a bit harsh, and it could damage the surface of the stove. More along the lines of fantastic or TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate). If you can’t find a powerful enough chemical at the home center or grocery store try a janitorial supplier for an alkaline degreasing product that will cut through the slick.

The elements and drip pans CAN be cleaned with oven cleaner without risk of damage, but as for the balance of the surface, I would say you likely have some scrubbing to do.

Good luck

PS If you like your friend, tell him to remember the stuff that is on the stove is also in his arteries!!

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