High Chair Safety Straps

This question was submitted from Robin S.

“I have a little tykes high chair. I cleaned everything except the safety straps; they are brownish from a build up of everything. How can I clean them?”

I assume the straps are not removable.

Try these techniques :

I would recommend mixing a solution of hot water and any general purpose detergent, even laundry soap, in a plastic container. Soak the straps for a while, use a scrub brush and rinse the straps. You may have to use a cutting board for stability. Do this as many times as necessary to loosen the built up dirt and dry with a towel.

I suspect by the sounds of it you will be rinsing and washing the straps a few times before you completely remove the build up. That’s why its great for the makers of kids stuff to make it so you can take it all apart to clean. Our kids don’t really don’t make it easy on us when it comes to cleaning.

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