Gutters and Eaves

General Information:
Cleaning gutters or eves regularly will help increase the life of the gutters and prevent back-ups and overflows.

Tools & chemicals:
Rubber gloves, hose, bucket and multi-purpose chemical. You may also want a scoop or old slotted serving spoon.

Start by scooping out leaves, debris etc. with your hands using rubber gloves or with a slotted spoon or cat litter scooper. Clean gutters at least once a year. Scoop out leaves etc. more frequently to prevent back up and overflow. Once you have removed the large debris, hose out the gutter. Use a mild soap and warm water and a brush to clean off the gutters. If your gutters are very dirty or havent been cleaned in years, you may have to use a more aggressive chemical. After cleaning is a good time to inspect for damage and facilitate repairs. Use ladders according to safety standards.

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