Expanding Foam

General Info:

Expanding Foam comes in an aresol can, which reacts to air when it is sprayed, expanding and hardening into a solid foam. This product is most commonly used for form fitting unusual shaped objects for shipping, filling cracks in exterior walls for insulation and to prevent access by pests.

Tools & Chemicals:

Acetone, an old rag, pecut strips of cardboard or small pieces of wood, tools.


  • If this foam ends up where you don’t want it, act immediatley! When this stuff cures it is absolutley permanent, forever and ever, until the end of time. Take the small pieces of cardboard and scrape off any excess. Throw this piece of carboard with the waste foam away now, put it down and you will get foam everywhere!
  • Be sure the area is well ventilated and there are no open flames! Pour some acetone onto the old rag. Using the rag, wipe away any residue that the cardboard did not remove. Use caution as acetone will damage some painted and plastic surfaces.
  • Throw this old rag away once you have used it!
  • If the foam has hardened, which means it has cured the only means of removal is mechanical (cutting, grinding, scraping).
  • Use whatever tools are nessecary to remove the excess foam, it can be cut, ground down, sanded filed, scraped, and the remaining residue can be removed with a wire brush. These actions are also likely to damage the surface that the foam is on.
  • There is no way to remove ‘fresh’ or cured foam from clothing. It is permanent.

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