Graffiti Off a Garage Door (Aluminum)

This question was submitted from LK.

“Someone has written not so choice words on my aluminum garage door with permanent marker. I need to remove them quickly. The people who bought our house take possession in the next couple of days. How do I remove the marker?”

You will need to buy a general purpose solvent designed for graffiti removal. You can buy this product at any janitorial supply or hardware store. If the graffiti is fresh it will come off easier.

Try these techniques :

It is a simple as putting the solvent on a good terry cleaning rag and wiping. Be sure to have a few rags on hand since as the rag gets saturated with the ink you will want to reverse it or use a new one to be sure you are not just redistributing the ink.

As always, remember to test a small area first when using techniques or chemicals you have not used before on the surface you are cleaning.

Best of luck; it sounds like as good idea to get out of the neighborhood!

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