String mop

Definition: For a lot of people a string mop is what they picture when you say the word “mop”. On a string mop, long cotton strings are attached to a mop head. The mop head, with proper care, might last for 2-4 weeks.

String or yacht mops work well on many hard surface types, but because they are super absorbent and hold a lot of water, care should be taken when they are used on wood floors. String mops are able to clean edges and corners very effectively. Although string or yacht mops get tangled easily, there are many designs on the market that have the strings banded together to help prevent tangling and extend the life of the mop head. When using on wood or laminate floors you have to wring out very well, in most cases a flat mop is better on wood floors.

To care for a string mop, the mop head must be thoroughly washed or rinsed after each mopping session. Then the mop head has to be allowed to dry completely. Allowing the mop to sit dirty or dampened will cause it to mildew.

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