Spin and Go Mop…review

The Spin & Go mop actually is very light and easy to use.  It has a decent amount of microfibers in the mop head. The handle comes in three sections and is easy to put together. The length of the handle is average and workable, but it is not heavy duty enough for my liking. The pail is also very light, has a good handle design so it is well balanced when moving when full of water.  I never got a sense that it was ever in danger of spilling, which is very good even compared to commercial style mop buckets. You can actually empty the bucket from either side. There’s also a clear maximum water level line, and that keeps the weight of the bucket easy to manage.

The mop spinning mechanism works well and it feels like it would stand up to many years of use it feels very well made and solid when using the spinning mechanism. You can spin as much or as little as you want and it does does a good job of removing water. I feel the ability to control the amount of water on your mop by spinning it less or more is the spin and go mops greatest strength.  I have laminate floors and a typical yacht or string mop just can’t be wrung out enough to safely use on the wood type flooring.  I just hate using flat mops on the wood flooring because it takes so much effort to wring them out etc.  The spin mop can be spun so there is very little water in the mop so I find it effective on my laminate floors.

As a floor mop there’s no wringing which is a bonus since you get the performance of a typical string mop with added technology of micro-fibre strings and a very efficient wringing/spinning system.  Virtually no bending since spinning simply uses a little foot action (and I mean a little); lightweight mopping that requires hardly any effort; and cleaning performance is very good. The spin wringing function is definitely this mop’s best feature as is the lightweight design, making it ideal for the younger helpers, seniors or those that find it a challenge to clean floors.  It should also be noted that the ability to remove the mop head is also a huge benefit, by removing the mop head it makes it very easy to launder the mop head.  You are going to be able to a better job cleaning when your tools are clean as well.  Typical string mops get dirty and cannot be cleaned very well so they become mildewing or dirty between cleanings making your cleanings less than perfect over time until you replace the mop etc.

companies website: http://www.thespinngo.com/

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