Cleaning Schedules

Many people don’t attach much time to planning or setting up a cleaning schedule for themselves.  Here are some advantages to setting up a regular cleaning schedule for yourself or your family.

-          You will always keep up with your cleaning so you won’t be overwhelmed with cleaning tasks.

-          Your home will be an overall healthier environment.

-          You will have extra time for larger tasks if you always keep up with the basics.

-          You don’t have to worry about dusty shelves if you see them, because you know it will be taken care on the scheduled time etc.

-          Cleaning is very easy if it is done often, the dirt never builds up to the point where it is difficult to clean. Just be sure to have all the needed janitorial supplies on hand!

-          Most surfaces and or objects last longer if they are clean.

Cleaning Schedules
Cleaning Schedules


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