Disposal Of Cleaning Products

General Information :
Here is a basic guideline for the disposal of household cleaning products.

Solvents and solvent-based cleaners: Consumers should always dispose of these products only after consulting with you local municipality. Also, you can contact the manufacturer for their recommendation. Most areas now have drop-off centers for hazardous waste. To identify these products look for the toxic, flammable or caustic symbols on the package.

Common or Water-soluble Cleaners: These products are mostly biodegradable and designed to be disposed into the sewer system. Most household cleaners, detergents, bleaches and polishes are this type.

Containers: Check your local regulations to see if they accept empty cleaning bottles. Some may be recycled, some thrown away while others need to be taken to a hazardous waster drop off center.

Also, consumers can avoid a lot of problems by using up the cleaners completely or by giving them to somebody who needs them check with local charities.

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