Blotting…say what?

What is blotting?  It does sound kind of silly when you say it but it one of the basic techniques in your cleaning arsenal.

One the most common mistakes I see people make when dealing with a spill is grabbing a wet dish cloth or towel. In most cases the best method is to blot or absorb the stain before introducing water or cleaning solution.

Blotting is the act of absorbing a stain with a dry absorbent towel such as a terry towel or even a paper towel (best using white towels so no colors from the the towel will run into the carpet or fabric you are blotting.) Blotting immediately after a spill or stain has occurred is the best way to combat stains. Blot by placing the towel over the stain. First fold your towel in quarters so you can flip over the towel a few times to get the maximum absorbency of your towel.  Placing a thick terry towel on a spill on a carpet and applying pressure or weight to the towel will often remove the majority of the stain.  Quick action and you won’t even have to spring for any fancy spot cleaners.

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