Carpet spot cleaning tips

General Spot Cleaning Tips


Use a clean white, absorbent terry towel.
Blot or tamp the spot.
Pretest the carpet in an inconspicuous area.
Clean the stain from the edge to the center.
Apply cleaner to the towel.
Clean with modest amounts of cleaning solution.
Adhere to product safety and follow instructions.
Remove the stain as soon as it is noticed.
Remove the dirty excess before cleaning.
Use cleaning compounds at luke warm temperature.

Use a dirty or coloured rag.
Rub, brush or scrape the spot using force.
Pretest the carpet in the middle of the room.
Clean the stain from side to side.
Apply cleaners directly to the stain.
Saturate the spot with cleaners.
Ignore manufacturers instructions.
Ignore the stain or leave it until later.
Wet clean before removing the dry excess.
Apply heat to the stain.

Not all stains can be completely removed, but appearances can be improved.

Six Sure Ways To Set Stains & Damage Carpet

Saturate the carpet with cleaning compounds.
Apply heat to the stain.
Vigorously scrub the stain.
Leave the stain until later.
Not remove any dried excess prior to cleaning.
Not pretest the carpet or stain.

You will find that the recommended cleaning procedures (water & Oil based Stain Cleaning Methods) will be effective in the vast majority of cases. However, we have stayed clear of recommending methods that are overtly hazardous, can chemically set stains or are harmful to your carpet. We strongly recommend that you call an IICRC Certified carpet cleaning company to deal with those stains that are large, old or for those stains that you have met with limited success trying to remove.
If you are unsure whether a stain is water or oil based ALWAYS start with the oil based stain method before trying the water based method.

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