Deck and Patio Care

Remove everything from your deck, or if this isn’t possible move everything to one side.
Remove, or cover items below the deck you do not want to get wet or covered in grime.  Hose down the deck, mix a large pail of a mild detergent and warm water, or use a specialized cleaner, found in the paint department of your local home center
Start at the high point and scrub with a nylon brush, rinse before the soap dries.  Rinse deck from underneath, then re-rinse the top one final time. Do the stairs last, and always start at the top and work down.

Clear patio as much as possible (ie chairs, BBQ, bikes, etc)

Sweep to remove large debris to prevent the creation of a big mud puddle.
Mix TSP  (trisodium phosphate) with water in a bucket, or use a special formulated chemical safe for the environment.  Apply cleaner, and agitate with a stiff bristled brush
Hose off, beginning at the high point. A pressure washer will provide a much more dramatic difference in cleanliness. Use a high pressure 2,000 psi and up for best results.
Check that you have adequate drainage for the water you will be applying.
On brick pavers, and exposed aggregate do not apply pressure in one spot for too long.
Note: Consider sealing pavers and exposed aggregate to prevent damage and to ease cleaning

Outdoor Furniture

Clean twice per year, in spring and in the fall before storage.
Use a mild detergent, or a specialty chemical safe for the environment
Apply, and scrub with a scotch brite pad or nylon brush, and rinse.
Wash umbrellas with a mild detergent, dry thoroughly before storing.
Avoid using a pressure washer on painted wood.
Protect unpainted wood with sealer, oil, or polyurethane to lengthen life.
Use an automotive paste wax to protect plastic, metal, and painted metal.


Clean exterior with a mild soap, and hose off thoroughly. Re-paint if needed.
Remove grill and clean with oven cleaner as detailed in article.
Remove gunk from the bottom of the BBQ, use a pin to open all holes on burner element.
Check for spiders in venturi tubes, and test all gas connections with soapy water.
Replace Lava rocks with grease drips facing down.
Run BBQ for 45 minutes on HIGH to sanitize, and burn off any cleaning residue.
Only open propane tank half a turn for safety. This makes shutting off quick and easy.

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