Blue Dye (Ink) on Linoleum Floor

This question was submitted from Malanuk.

“I have blue dye on my new linoleum floor from a paper bag. What can I use to get it out?”

This is a tough one, we have had success and failure with this problem. Linoleum is, unfortunately, not very resilient (translation…stains easy).

Try these techniques :

I would use a general purpose solvent or even rubbing alcohol, which is usually recommended to remove ink.

If it doesn’t wipe off, you may have to use a medium aggressive scrubbing pad (green).

Either way, using a strong chemical and scrubbing you will have to apply a wax to the floor to protect at least the area you cleaned. Remember always test a small area first before using a chemical or technique you have not used before on the surface you are cleaning.

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  1. “general purpose solvent” is not any sort of description at all.
    IS that mineral spirits, MEK, Xylol, denatured alcohol, toluene, or any of another dozen of so ‘solvents’?

    Always start with something mild. Mineral spirits will work just fine. Use it safely on flooring as well as on an automotive finish….and yes, it will remove all protected waxes.

    Soak a paper towel with it and place over the stain (press it on firmly) for a few minutes and then use that saturated towel to wipe up the dissolved ink. Use as much pressure as necessary. Avoid scuffing, where possible, if you use something like a 3-M Scotchbrite pad (which may be necessary to get some elements of the stain out – assuming a worn area). Clean the mineral spirit residue with your favorite household spray cleaner. Reapply any protective coating the mineral spirits dissolved.

  2. Simple Sudz cleaning paste or a bar of soap shredded and mixed with baking soda. Melt soap in microwave, add a bit of water mixed with baking soda. Apply with a sponge and rub in a circular motion. We removed permanent marker from linoleum this way

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