Christmas Tree Sap:How to Remove Tree Sap from your Hands and clothes

Tree Sap Removal

At Christmas time invariably someone gets sap on his or her hands and or clothes.

Some say that you can use milk to remove tree  sap from your hands.

Or you can remove the sap with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol, Mineral spirits and denatured alcohol acts as a solvent to break up and dissolve the sap. Wash up after using the solvent on skin.

Here are some tips for removal from clothes:

Saturate the area with a pretreatment stain remover. Wait several minutes for the product to penetrate. Rub the stain with a heavy-duty liquid detergent. Launder immediately.

Rub with detergent paste and launder as usual.

For extra heavy stains lay the stain face down on folded absorbent paper towels and apply dry cleaning fluid to the back of the stain. Let dry, rinse, and proceed as above.

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