Automotive Upholstry

General Information:
There are many different types of upholstry in automobiles. There is cloth, velour, vinyl and leather. 
Tools & Technique

To clean automotive upholstery, first vacuum the surface and into the small cracks using a crevice tool. Leather and vinyl can be wiped off with an appropriate cleaner and protector. Protecting these surfaces helps keep them supple and will add years to there appeance. For liquid spills abosorb as much as possible from the surface, and on cloth or velour seats use a clean cotton rag or paper towels and apply pressure to help draw the liquid up from the foam cushion. For stains, refer to our quick reference guide describing removal of specific stains.

For stains that are very obvious, try to pre-treat the area with soda water or even dab it with a baby wipe

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