Football Shoulder Pads

Lynn from Idaho asks How do I clean the horrible odor from my sons shoulder pads?

Try washing down with an enzyme based cleaner. Enzyme cleaners do well at breaking down organic stains. Wash with cleaner then mix a spray bottle with the enzyme mixture and water and just spray and let sit, this should do some damage to the typical teenaged odor machine. Most laundry spotters or stain sticks and certain laundry soaps contain enzymes or you can buy them at any janitorial supply store in concentrate form, just mix with water. Enzymes work best when mixing with warm water and at least half an hour of dwell time to let the enzymes work.

I know you likely have told him a million times be sure to air out the pads after games or practice to be sure this problem is prevented in the first place. Even spraying with the enzyme solution and airing them out is good way to keep the teenager odor machine from overwhelming your household.

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