Strawberry Daiquiri Off A White Cotton Shirt?

This question was submitted by Dixie:  “How do I clean an old strawberry daiquiri stain off a white cotton shirt?”

It was rather involved to try to get an answer that might work. And I do mean might, because if your daiquiri wasn’t a virgin, the alcohol makes it all the more difficult. First off, don’t wash in hot water, and don’t heat dry. This sets the stains so they will be there permanently.

As obscure as it seems here we go:

Be sure the fabric is durable, and will not be damaged by boiling water. Test a shirt tail for colorfastness (white should be OK) and for durability by dipping into boiling water. If the fabric shrivels up into a crumpled wrinkled mass do not proceed. If the stains are dry, moisten them with glycerin. Take the stained area and stretch it over a large pot or strainer. Secure with an elastic band or two. Put the shirt and pot in a tub or laundry sink just  in case you may spill any water.  Boil a kettle of water, and from a couple of feet above, slowly pour the water through the stains. I know I just told you not to wash this article in hot water, but by doing this the water is passing through and taking the contaminants with it, as oppose to sitting in hot water stewing.

  • If any of the stain remains, cut open a lemon and rub the lemon on the stains, then hang to dry.
  • If the stain remains mix some white vinegar and water 1:2, and apply that to the stains, then hang to dry.
  • If the stain remains soak in a digestant for 30 minutes, launder as you normally would in cold water, and hang to dry.
  • If the stain remains wash in a bleach solution as directed by the manufacturer, and hang dry. Do not dry this article in the dryer until you are satisfied with the appearance of the stained area (because that is the way it will stay, forever).
  • If the stain remains make a big daiquiri and soak the entire shirt so it is red, and consider buying a new white shirt!!

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