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Have you ever had a guest visit your home and say, “Oh, you have a cat, don’t you?” If so, you may not be diligent enough in cleaning your cat’s box. If you clean the cat box with gusto, you might need some additional ammunition: a cat box deodorizer.


    • There’s really no secret to how add-in cat box deodorizers work. They mask odor, absorb the ammonia that causes odor or do both. Some odor-control products make mighty promises that they don’t deliver on, so ask pet store staff for advice. Other than that, trial and error may be your best bet. An easy and economical solution may be as close as your refrigerator the open box of baking soda you might store in your fridge keep the contents smelling fresh. A box of baking soda can be placed in the area near your cat’s box (put it where your cats can’t knock it over), or sprinkle about a quarter cup into the litter and mix it in.
    • Add only the recommended amount of deodorizer to your cat’s litter, follow all label instructions and never apply any product directly onto your cat.
    • However, the best way to reduce cat box odor is to thoroughly wash your cat’s box on a regular basis, change the litter as your nose deems necessary and scoop out waste daily. With diligent cat box maintenance and a little help from a deodorizer, your guests will never know you’ve got a feline sharing your homeunless you want them to.

By Ellyce Rothrock

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