Pet hair driving you crazy?

I recently received an email asking how to control out of control pet hair…

Here are some ideas to help reduce the amount of hair in the house.  Unfortunately they all involve extra work.  I love my pets but hate all the extra hair in the house.  The first step is to groom or brush the pet outdoors, a simple but effective way yo reduce pet hair.  Cover pillows and mattresses with dustmite covers, which are also resistant to hairs getting stuck to them.  Use a HEPA filter in your living areas (family room etc) and use a vacuum with HEPA or a high level of filtration, cheap vacuums don’t pick up the finer particles of dust and or hair as well.

When dusting use a slightly damp cloth to more effectively remove the hairs. Also a big help is the removal of carpets and installation of hard floors.  Its far easier to see the hair, although you will end up vacuuming more (seems like I have to vacuum almost everyday or every other day).  But you will have a cleaner and more dust and hair free home.

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