Dye Stains from Clothes

General Info:

Dye Stains or dye Transfer are the hardest to remove. Read the care instructions and any warnings on the garment label.

First soak up or blot any liquid and nueralize the stain by using a Ammonia solution of 1 teaspoon of Ammonia in 1 cup of water.

Next rinse and use a laundry pre-treat and let it soak for 30 minutes. Launder.

If the stain remains and the garment is colorfast, soak the entire garment in a dilute solution of liquid chlorine bleach (safe for the fabric) and water. (Test for colorfastness first.) Launder with a fabric safe bleach.

There are also a number of dye removers which are available in drug and grocery stores. However, color removers will also take out fabric colors as well as the stain.

Precaution: Chlorine bleach may change the color of the garment or cause irreversible damage. Therefore, it is important to check for color fastness before using. If the stain does not come out within 15 minutes of bleaching, it cannot be removed by bleaching.

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