General Information :
Modern dishwashers require little care to operate efficiently. An inherently clean environment, dishwashers need only a few basic maintenance procedures

Tools & Technique :
-Always garberate before operating or food particles can drain into the unit.
-Occasionally check the dishwasher drain for obstructions.
-Check that the float valve or switch is working properly. This prevents overfilling.
-Keep the door gasket clean to prevent leaks and premature ware.
-Dust and clean under the unit – some times the bottom cover plate will need to be removed.
-Keep the outside clean. On plastic, metal or wood surfaces use an appropriate cleaning solution  mild detergent and water is recommended.

3 Replies to “Dishwashers”

  1. Hope this isn’t too late…
    Try what I did.

    Make sure the spinning arms aren’t clogged up first.

    After that, I strongly recommend taking off the bottom spinner (reverse thread on the nut, use a pliers), then take out the screws (these are T-20 or T-25 “star” shaped heads required) and removing that plate to make sure there are no clogs. I did this and found 3 olive pits, an uncooked kidney bean, a black rubbery plastic thing, a twist tie, and the back of an earring. After this was removed (and the gunk washed off the panel I took out), then everything put back in place, the dishwasher rinses very nicely now. Good luck.

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