General Information:
These units are among the most dependable and reliable of all household appliances. A few easy cleaning procedures will improve performance and lengthen their useful lives.


Use warm water, a mild detergent and sponge to clean the inside.  Avoid any strong and/or abrasive cleaners.


Outside the actual unit is the condenser coil which dissipates heat.  Yearly or twice yearly (especially before summer heat), cleaning the coil will keep the unit operating efficiently. On some models you’ll need to remove a cover to access the coil.  On others it is located underneath and somewhat more difficult to service.

Many older refrigerators have a drip pan which should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent odors.

Pay extra attention to the door gasket. Even a small accumulation of dirt can affect it’s ability to maintain a tight seal.

Whether painted metal, vinyl or plastic, it will keep better looking longer with regular cleaning – again a mild detergent works best. (For other surfaces – i.e. stainless steel – refer to our stain & surface guide).

Specialized Tools & Chemicals:
You can purchase a condenser coil dusting brush (available at appliance stores) specifically made for the purpose.  However a vacuum with a dusting brush/crevice tool or a feather/lambswool duster will also work.

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